About Us,

The Pottery Cave, Bishton Hall

Life in pottery started early with regular trips to St Ives, home of Bernard Leach who is one of the most famous UK Studio potters. Regular visits to his little studio ignited a spark that has been alight ever since. The earth fire ceramics studio operates with wellbeing and relaxation at the heart of everything. There is nothing better for the soul than getting muddy and having a lot of fun with supporting people around you so that’s our motto to life and how we run the studio.

We offer Open studio, casual clay sessions, pottery wheel throwing lessons, beginners lessons, parties, kids fun sessions and Saturday clay playtime.

Primordial Tools Connect Us to Our Roots

When we hand build pots, we use the first tools we ever had. The most controllable tools. Our hands. You can hand build an array of beautiful and useful pots with nothing but your hands, some mud, and a fire. Working with your hands gives a direct connection to your brain, providing good exercise for those brain cells. You can’t lose your tools or leave them in a reclaiming tub.

The feel of clay is soothing. Your hands-touching, smoothing, shaping the clay, can tell when a form needs rest. You can feel when the clay is exactly right for moving forward. You’re totally aware of how thick or thin your form is.